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How to generate more leads through Social media

How to generate more leads through Social media

Learning how to generate more leads through social media is a critical resource for businesses looking to stand out in todays cluttered online space.

If you want to expand your business and get an advantage over your competitors then be ready to explore the power of Social media. Learning how to generate more leads through social media is a critical resource for businesses looking to stand out in todays cluttered online space.
Social media campaigns lead to increase in business outreach and growth for every type of business – be it a UAE SME or a Multinational corporation. Leads generated from social media campaigns can help business owners identify potential customers, engage with them and increase brand awareness.
To help you make the best out of your social media campaigns we have put together some useful tips to guide you;• Run Give way Contests• Offer Discount Codes and Flash Deals• Arrange Live Streams• Use Social Media Sponsored Ads• Leverage the Power of Video Marketing
Continue reading to learn how you can implement these strategies:

  • Run Giveaway Contests 

The best way to engage your audience is by running a giveaway contest. Not only will such contests entertain them but it will also help elicit response from them to participate in the competition. Suggesting an interactive activity they can participate in to win a price is a good way to create engagement and get your target audience talking about, commenting on and sharing links to your social media account.
Given that billions of active users are on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you don’t have to worry about having enough participants. Every winner will work as your ambassador in spreading the word to friends and family – and increasing your outreach. You can hire the services of a Digital marketing agency in Dubai to help you launch and run these types of campaigns.

  • Give Discount Codes and Flash Deals

Consider giving flash deals and special discounts in a quest to promote brand awareness and generate more sales. Such deals create a sense of quick action amongst the audience of your targeted campaigns.  Almost all companies use this technique as an inherent part of their B2C marketing strategy. You can use such deals for specific products – particularly when the cart abandonment rate is higher.

  • Arrange Live Streams

Social media provides an opportunity for managers to get in touch with international customers in real-time through live sessions. Not only will this lead to a surge in your brands credibility, it also makes it possible to get direct feedback, suggestions, and generate leads from your audience.
What makes this strategy effective is that it garners the direct attention of the audience and you can take them to the main page, product page, or elsewhere easily.

  • Use Social Media Sponsored Ads

All social media platforms now offer sponsored ads for businesses. Such paid advertising helps your business to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort. Platforms like LinkedInFacebook and Instagram have algorithms in place that gather the users’ preferences and automatically narrow down your potential customers.
It also gives you deep insights and important analytics on changing consumer behavior and buying trends. You can use this information to tailor your marketing strategy and make your campaign much more effective and powerful than ever. That’s why running paid social media ads are a great way to get maximum benefit with minimum time and costs.

  • Video Marketing is a Must

Video marketing has gained worldwide traction in recent years as brands tend to make short videos to promote their products. Studies show that video marketers get 66% more qualified leads per year.
You can make short videos in the form of stories, comments on social posts, status updates, profile videos, etc. Consider making some standard snippets and sharing them over all social media platforms over time.
Fitch Technologies is a bespoke Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai. If you would like to have a chat about how best to leverage Social Media to grow your business, please get in touch at [email protected]

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