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Bespoke Enterprise Software Solutions in Dubai

Looking for a technology partner to provide support with a robust software architecture to help scale your business operations?

Fitch Technologies
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We provide Enterprise Software Solutions

Enterprise software solutions tailored to your business needs.

Looking for a technology partner to provide support with a robust software architecture to help scale your business operations?

With poor implementation and uncoordinated software silos, employees stress out and productivity is lost. Leverage our expertise in enterprise software development, legacy systems upgrade, consolidation of tech stacks, API integration to unleash productivity and growth for your organization.

Our solution stack is optimized to deliver

With our diverse team and extensive network of partners, we deliver the most up-to-date enterprise software solutions to support your business operations.

Seamless Automation

Enhanced Workflows

Cost Reduction

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Enterprise Software Development

When deployed at scale can unleash a multiplier effect on employee productivity and throughput. At Fitch Technologies, we are able to deploy a full stack of technology frameworks to develop applications that solve problems across small and large organizations.

Following a detailed audit, we design a stack that addresses identified use cases for your organization and eliminates pain points and repetitive tasks to support your team deliver work tasks in their areas of expertise at full throttle.

Whether your business is office based on field based, our solutions are deployed across desktop, web and mobile devices to provide seamless support for your team across all use cases.

Business Technology Consultancy

when it comes to deciding which technology infrastructure is best suited for your business, talking to an expert who understanding the full ecosystem and has the requisite experience and network to deploy recommend solutions is crucial. Oftentimes, decision made at this stage determines to a large extent the success or failure in the implementation of adopted technological solutions.

At Fitch Technologies, we follow a structured research and technology audit procedure to identify business needs, use cases and shortlist suitable technological infrastructure to achieve the business needs of your organization. We adopt a consultative approach to ensure that the solutions propose are understand by all stakeholders in the organization and align with overarching business strategy.

Cloud Services

At Fitch Technologies, we leverage, network connectivity and pay-as-you-go nature of cloud solutions to provide scalable yet comprehensive applications to supercharge your business. From development, to configuration, deployment and support, we provide a hassle-free solution tailored to the specific needs of each organization.

We provide End-to-End cloud management services and governance with AIOps-powered Cloud operations. We adopt global compliance best practices in cloud development and deployment to deploy robust and secure solutions with asset efficiency monitoring to regulate billing costs.

Structured Process for the Enterprise Software

Let us put our experience along with our consulting and software development expertise to your business advantage.

Research & Planning
We commence every engagement with data gathering and use case analysis to full understand the business, pain points, business objectives and use cases for the technologies to be implemented. At this stage, we also build the project team based on technical competencies required for the project. The planning involves detailed technical documentation to ensure all use cases are sufficiently defined with corresponding  business goals detailed to adopt a tech stack and accomplishes the business goals on time and on budget.
Designing and prototyping
A lot of thought goes into the design of the technology architecture and frameworks we adopt for implementation. Ease of use, security, robust infrastructure and scalability is paramount in our design protocols to ensure that the finished solutions work seamlessly to deliver the business objectives to our customers. To minimize rework, project time overruns and lengthy bugs fixes, we adopt an approach of prototyping projects in test environments to simulate use cases and solutions development and identify potential issues before deployment
We adopt on waterfall project development approach as much as possible which places emphasis on a solid planning phase followed by a sequential development approach with clearly defined deliverables. This ensure projects are developed with a clear structure with manageable modules and ease of QA testing.
Testing and Deployment
To deliver a robust and secure product, we conduct routine testing during development and final comprehensive user acceptance testing on completion. This is followed by calibrated deployment to ensure users get a positive first impression of using the product. The first impression is crucial for adoption, retention and scalability of the deployed technological products.. This is why we commit substantial time to this phase of product development.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Use customer data to build great and solid product experiences that convert.

Yes. In addition to customizing and deploying off-the-shelf ERP solutions from established vendors, we also provide a solution for developing custom ERP solution tailored to the needs of a business.

We follow a standardized research method that helps us gather business information, analyse use cases and development a prototype that is suited for particular use cases for a business.

The range of pricing for ERP solutions vary significantly depending on the use cases and the size of the organization. It also depends on whether you are using off-the-shelf solutions or custom solutions. Indicative prices are provided below:

1. Off-the-shelf solutions cost around AED 120 - AED 180/user/month.
2. ERP implementation for a small organization (20 - 100 employees), would cost around AED 80,000 - AED 250,000).
3. For large organizations, prices could range from AED 280, 000 - AED 3,000,000 and even high depending the user cases and integrations covered.

At Fitch Technologies, we provide preliminary consultation free of cost. This includes initial information gathering, research, and providing a preliminary proposal with recommendations on technological solutions that address clients' use cases.

It entirely depends on the system requirements. Cloud computing can save companies thousands of dirhams a month when compared to the costs of running their own servers. A cloud server costs AED 1,200 on average per month, while an on-premises server costs AED 5,000 on average per month on average.

AWS and Azure are some of the most cost-effective and robust cloud hosting solutions available especially for sizeable projects.

Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of business operations across diverse industries. Some of the common use cases include:
1. Process Automation.
2. Digital Marketing Automation.
3. Customer Service Automation.
4. Data Analytics.
5. Business Process Re-design.
6. Fraud Detection.
7. Demand Forecasting.
8. Natural Language Processing.

Machine learning can use to:
1. Improve automation.
2. Improve data privacy and protection.
3. enhance fraud detection.
4. Improve data management.
5. Enhance customer engagement.
6. Detect trends in large data sets.
7. Enhance financial analysis

Yes. In addition to customizing and deploying off-the-shelf supply chain management software, we can build custom supply chain management software to cater for client-specific use cases.

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