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How to increase online sales through social media

With the unstoppable advancements in digital platforms as we exit the pandemic, it is undoubtedly true that social media marketing has become an essential marketing channel to help clinics like yours generate qualified leads. Many clinics are now shifting their focus to social media platforms to attract more sales. While these tricks tend to be working positively for some, others are still stranded on how to generate genuine and qualified leads through social media. Today we share with you some of the proven tricks used by digital marketing companies to increase their sales volume through social media;

List of How to increase online sales through social media

  • Know Your Audience and Where to Fetch Them
  • Work with A Reputable Social Media Agency
  • Turn Your Loyal Customers into Brand Ambassadors
  • Make Consistent Use of Product Hashtags
  • Vary Your Social Media Content
  • Strategize Your Posting Times
  • Embed Social Media Buttons on Your Website
  • Create Your Brand’s Social Media Community
  • Make Prospects Buy Via Your Social Channels
  1. Know Your Audience and Where to Fetch Them

The first rule of thumb in social media marketing is to know where the largest ratio of your audience is based and the platform they use. As a committed seller, you cannot wake up one day, sign up for an Instagram account, and expect to find a hundred B2B customers waiting for you.

First, you need to understand the common platforms where your prospective customers spend time or seek information about your offering and then target at them on such platforms. You can work with a digital marketing agency in Dubai to learn useful tips on how to create an effective consumer base for your business across relevant social media platforms.

  1. Work with A Reputable Social Media Agency

You will realize that most of the businesses that generate good leads from social media do so because they have reputable social media agencies working with them behind the scenes. If you are stuck with the decision on engaging one, it is time you learn that such agencies have helped many businesses to attract more clicks and leads for their services which eventually results in sales. For instance, almost 40% of Twitter users are compelled to complete purchases after seeing an influential tweet on the product.

  1. Turn Your Loyal Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Another inexpensive way to drive more sales of your products and services is using your existing loyal customers as brand ambassadors. Once you have a network of trusted customers, you can negotiate on using them as your advocates to attract more customers. You don’t have to pay them for this, rather you can reward them through complementary treatments and discounts.

  1. Make Consistent Use of Product Hashtags

We recommend the use of hashtags as a powerful marketing tool on social media, especially via Twitter. This is because content tagged using hashtags makes it easy for audiences to track your products and services and also participate in online brand conversations. Moreover, hashtag campaigns drive sales by fostering the spirit of community, which leads to product personalization on a massive scale.

  1. Vary Your Social Media Content

Social media posts will get more traction if you keep your content as diverse and relevant as possible. Therefore, optimize your social feeds by posting an all-around range of content that boosts your online presence via prospect engagement. Such content may range from:

  • Videos
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Client testimonials
  • Webinars
  1. Strategize Your Posting Times

While there is no right time to post on your social media platform, it comes back to knowing your audience and making the right move. For example, most employed people tend to check their social media profiles in the evenings or on weekends. Contrary, the unemployed, stay-at-home parents, millennials, and teens tend to spend more of their time browsing the internet. By understanding your customers’ age gap, you can create an effective schedule on when to post on your social medial platforms.

  1. Embed Social Media Buttons on Your Website

This is probably the second-best way to enhance your brand’s social media exposure aside from making a direct post on your business profile. Embedding social media buttons on your web pages will increase audience engagement through visibility and post sharing. And the best locations to expose content to your social media contingent include:

  • Your website’s footer notifications
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • On your website header and blog
  1. Create Your Brand’s Social Media Community

Leading brands and franchisees use social media communities to create organic content that feels natural to their sales prospects. Through a sense of community, users will identify your content as being authentic, and will consequently sign up to your offers without necessarily being prompted. Therefore, offer meaningful content that can be trusted by sales prospects and nurture their trust in your product or service offering.

  1. Make Prospects Buy Via Your Social Channels

A third of shoppers online encounter new products via social media. And with the booming social commerce sector, a variety of products that range from cosmetics, household essentials to luxury goods are some of the product categories you can list on social platforms. At Fitch Technologies, we urge marketers to make it easier for prospects to buy via their social channels to minimize cart abandonment rates.

Bottom Line

The UAE’s social media scene is ever vibrant and chances are most of the customers you seek online across several social media platforms. Understanding the various platforms commonly used, the cultural differences, and local regulations could be a great way to make substantial online sales. Working with the right social media agency will help you uncover the right platforms and best strategies to engage your audience and generate more sales via social media.

If you would like to learn how we can assist you with this, call +971 42 44 1163 or email us at [email protected]

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