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Top 7+ Online Payment Gateway in UAE

Top 7+ Online Payment Gateway in UAE

Recent forecasts established that UAE’s online sales have grown fast and have gone past a whopping $ 16 billion revenue. This clearly shows that the UAE has great online potential and will generate even more revenue from online sales. One of the features of a well-established eCommerce website is the presence of a secure payment gateway. This has proved helpful for the success of businesses, not only in making transactions easy but also for gaining customer trust and trimming down the cart abandonment rates. If you are working with a web developer to create your business website or improve an existing one, you definitely want to include the payment gateway.

This article looks at the various payment gateway options available in the UAE, from which you can choose one that suits your business.

  • Telr
  • Checkout
  • CashU
  • CyberSource
  • 2Checkout
  • CC Avenue
  • PayFort
  • PayTabs


This is one of the payment gateways options that a web design company in Dubai can consider and recommend to a company. It operates in more than 120 countries, making it very popular. Many companies like Telr because of its coverage that include developing countries like Indonesia. Besides, the gateway offers entry levels for small, medium, and large level accounts without remitting anything as an entry fee. The payable fees are charged monthly at the rates of AED 349, AED 149, and AED 99 per month for the entry, small and medium plans with variables of AED 1 and AED 0.5 per transaction for the small and medium plan respectively.


This is a payment gateway that has been in the UAE market since 2012 and has an international preference, making it one of the best payment gateway options. Checkout is a suitable online payment gateway, providing a streamlined solution for mobile and online purchasing. The payment gateway offers five payment options for UAE and other Middle East countries. These methods are VISA, Mastercard, JCB, Mada, and American Express.


This is a payment gateway that has been popularized in UAE and Europe. Although it was purposefully created for UAE, many European countries have now embraced it, giving it an international presence. It is one of the most economical payment gateways, providing an account for free and levying only $1 as the maintenance fee, which is paid once every year. The charges per transaction vary with the amounts transacted and are available on the payment gateway’s website. One of CashU’s recent development is its collaboration with MasterCard to create a virtual credit card and associated services.


This is part of the VISA international firm that offers its services in more than 190 countries, starting with the UAE. Shortened as CS, this payment gateway can be used for both Apple Pay and Android Pay and offers multiple payment solutions across the globe.


This payment gateway is one of the pioneers in this space with its base in the USA. It is one of the most popular payment gateway options, courtesy of its 87+ currencies. The charges are also friendly, about 3.9% and an additional 45 cents for every transaction. The gateway levies a 1.5% charge for the customers outside UAE. For every chargeback, it charges $25. Although the figures may appear a bit exorbitant, many clients developing an eCommerce website in Dubai opt for it because it does not charge anything as monthly maintenance fees.

CC Avenue

Although this payment gateway originated from India, it is one of the most popular in the regionIt is one of the biggest and one of the best payment gateways in UAE, offering memberships and invoice payments across the entire UAE and abroad. Setting up an account with CC Avenue requires no fee. However, a monthly fee of $54 is payable to the payment gateway as a maintenance fee.


This is yet another widely acknowledged and widely used payment gateway in UAE. PayFort revised its payment plan and now offers two plans only, enterprise and starters. The company charges 420 AED as a monthly maintenance fee and 2.94 + 1.84 AED for any transaction. These rates only apply to starters. When it comes to enterprises, the payment scheme is custom-based, with the critical influencing factor being the scope of the business a person or a company is running.


This is another popular payment gateway in UAE that is based in Saudi Arabia. In Forbes’ 2016 best business startups list, PayTabs topped the list, showing that it is indeed one of the best payment solutions in UAE. It offers three plans; Startup, Growth, and Enterprise with prices ranging from $ 49.99 per month for, 2.85% + $0.27 per transaction, and custom pricing for Startup, Growth, and Enterprise plans respectively.


Like any other company, many UAE companies plan on having a well-established payment gateway while working on the company’s eCommerce websiteThere are so many payment gateways in UAE, making the selection process daunting. This article has detailed the most popular and some of the most used payment gateways in UAE while comparing them in terms of the monthly or yearly charges and the charges per transaction.

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