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Top 10 key features of a successful Mobile App

Top 10 key features of a successful Mobile App

The present world seems to be controlled by applications. Whenever people in different locations interact, there must be an app involved, and this has led to an exponential increase in demand for mobile app development. However, what makes a mobile app eye-catchy? A well-developed app will make people want to use it more while a poorly developed app is just a frustrating feature that no one will need to keep in their phones. As a leading mobile app development agency based in Dubai, we outline in this article the top 10 features that a successful mobile app must have;

List of Top 10 Key Features Of a Successful Mobile App

  • Security
  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • Flexibility
  • Good Image Resolution
  • Search Option
  • Bright Colour Schemes
  • Updates
  • Push Notification
  • User Feedback

Read on to learn more about these features.


With increasing cases of cyber insecurities and hacking, app security is a major concern that every app developer must consider. This is because many apps are used to store personal information and credit and debit card details. Therefore, hackers will always attempt to;

  • Place interruptive malware into apps and devices to access data and screen lock passwords.
  • Steal private business assets.
  • Steal customer data for identity theft or fraud.
  • Intercept sensitive information traveling over the network.

With these potential risks, developers should tighten the security rather than dealing with the risk after a breach has occurred.


Although many people are now spending their time online for social and business activities, not all of them have long attention span. This means a competent mobile app should be as simple as possible. Making the app difficult to navigate will make visitors lose interest quickly and use a competitor’s app. Therefore, a successful app should have clear, uncluttered screens with visible leads to the next step. By doing so, customers will have a positive user experience and be encouraged to use it again.


The speed goes with the simplicity of the app. An effective mobile app should have a fast loading speed since no one is going to wait, looking at that screen-loading symbol. A mobile app with a low loading speed is frustrating to the visitors and they are likely to switch to the next available option. App speed can be optimized by using appropriate set of graphics and limiting loading of large databases.


Flexibility of the app to function on different devices is a crucial element. For instance, there are three main operating systems; iOSAndroid, and Windows. A good mobile app should be available on all these operating systems for it to be successful. However, android apps are easy to upload to the Play Store than the iOS app because the iOS app needs to be tested by Apple before it is allowed to the App Store. Therefore, an app developer needs to test different screen sizes and resolutions on both systems before uploading.

Good Image Resolution

When balancing speed against functionality and resolution, the app developer needs to ascertain that what appears on the screen is detailed enough to improve the user’s experience. Today, most app users are interested in hi-definition and millions of colors and nothing short of that.

Search Options

Many users are now looking for apps with search options, although many apps miss this vital feature. A successful app should have the ability to search inner content and the internet. Although the feature may not be functional for game-based apps, business and social apps need it.

Bright Color Schemes

Customers are likely to be attracted to bright color schemes in the app. App developers should use complementary colors from the color wheel and design an app that is stylish and professional.


Periodic updates are vital in keeping the app fresh and dealing with the security issues that may arise. Therefore, a successful mobile app should send out periodic updates to the user anytime it undergoes changes or whenever it senses possible risks. This helps to improve user’s trust and have a better product.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are texts, graphics, or a combination of the two sent to the users and contain useful content that they may be interested in. They are easier to send than email and relevant; hence much better than unsolicited messages. Push notifications are also sent to a particular user and are less likely to end up in a spam folder.

User Feedbacks

The last feature of a successful mobile app is user feedback. An app developer cannot make the best app the first time and needs to ask customers to share feedback on what they think should be added or removed from the app. Both positive and negative reviews help app developers to improve on their first apps and update to a better product. Therefore, adding a feedback button is the easiest way to communicate with app users for future improvements.

Final Words

The above-mentioned are just some of the characteristics of an effective mobile app. However, including all these features in an app means additional costs to the development process; hence it is vital to understand all the costs involved before committing to anything. Work with your development team to examine the proposed features and accurately derive the costs of developing the app.

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