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Struggling with Downloads for your app? Here's the fix

Struggling with Downloads for your app? Here’s the fix

How to increase app downloads and in-app action for your mobile app.

So you successfully launched the app project you have been working on with your developer. Hurray! Few months down the line you are no longer quite as excited. Downloads are barely happening let alone utilization of the app. You are not alone; this is a situation a lot of business owners find themselves in after launching apps for their business.
With over 8.000 apps released across Google Play and iOS stores daily, launching your app will not be sufficient to drive download and utilization of the app. According to Google, 61% of app downloaders discover apps through digital sources and 83% of these digital sources are ads.
To launch and scale your app successfully, a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with clearly defined goals must be put in place to drive engagement across the different phases of the customer journey as described below.

  • Launch: When an app is first launched, new users and installs matter a lot. An app in this stage needs growth in installs, users, and daily active users. Based on the target cost-per-install (CPI) goal for the app campaigns, you can deploy a suitable campaign to drive download of the app. If there isn’t a set CPI goal, consider what an app install or a new user is worth to your business and set goals accordingly.
  • Growth: When an app is in growth mode, installs matter, but so do the actions users take in the app. An app in this stage needs install/user growth as well as increased revenue from in-app actions. Based on the budget and established value of in-app purchases you can set a specific value with specific events. In this case, the campaign will optimize for new users – with a focus on ones that are most valuable to your business.
  • Maturity: When an app is well-established, it has a large user base. An app in this stage needs new users who complete valuable actions within the app. With 80% of app users expected to churn within 3 months of install, it is essential to periodically schedule re-engagement campaigns to drive download and in-app action for your app.

Luckily with machine learning capabilities on app campaign on platforms like Google Ads, you no longer have to manage these tasks manually. You can set up campaign goals and let machine learning automate most of the other tasks involved in running app campaigns.
As a best practice, we recommend starting initially with an app campaign focused on installs to build a strong user base then follow this with additional campaign to drive in-app action like purchase, booking, or messaging features, etc. As the app matures, you can follow up with a re-engagement campaign for existing users.
At Fitch Technologies, our team of creatives include Google Ads Apps certified professionals who can work with you to set up and manage app engagement campaigns to increase download, utilization of the app and ultimately growth of your business. To learn more call +971 4 244 1163 or mail [email protected]

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