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Simplified Guide on how to grow your Business with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing hacks to grow your business on a limited ad budget.

With remote work becoming the new normal, traditional channels for connecting with your potential customers like cold calling, physical sales calls are declining in their effectiveness due to lockdown restrictions and concern over spread of Covid-19. Digital marketing as a result has shown increasing value for engaging audience, driving purchase intent and action regardless of whether your business is an online e-commerce shop or a traditional brick and mortar outlet. What used to be an essential for select businesses is now a must for all SME’s to survive and thrive.
Gone are the days when Digital marketing was the reserve of marketing gurus and required a million-dollar budget to execute. With the myriad of technological tools available today, you can run an effective digital campaign for your business and drive growth in a very short time if you know the right tools to use. Audience targeting tools like In-market audience, Affinity Audience, Remarketing and Custom/Similar audiences can help you narrow your reach to the most relevant audience that are most likely to engage with your brand and purchase your product or service thus maximised ROI on a limited ad budget. Here is a description of how some of these tools work:

  • In-market audience: these are customers that are actively researching or searching for the types of products you sell. For example, if you run a beauty salon, you can target an in-market audience searching topics like “best salon near me”.
  • Affinity Audience:  these are audiences with very specific interests, lifestyles, or habits. For example, if you own a sport wear shop, you can target affinity audience for “Outdoor Sports” as they are most likely to be interested in buying sports gear.
  • Remarketing: this tool lets you target ads at audiences that have visited your website or mobile app before. It allows you to position your ad before such audience as they browse or visit different websites. This is an important tool to improve conversion for customers who indicated interest in your product or service before and did not complete a transaction.
  • Custom and Similar Audience: this tool allows you to import emails of prospects and customers and target them with specific ads on search and social media platforms. Similar audience would let you target audience similar to Custom audience you imported to help improve your reach. This is an effective way for online businesses to interact with relevant users across multiple channels.

You can quickly master how to use these tools and run your own digital campaigns if you have the time to invest in it. However, if you are one of those business owners in over your head with work, then worry not, our team at Fitch Technologies is on hand to work with you to achieve your marketing and business goals.
At Fitch Technologies, we use creative experimentation tools to identity the right ad format, channels and content that would engage your audience and ensure the maximum ROI for your ad budget. We do not believe in one size fit all approach, we use approaches like targeted testing of ads on select platform and audiences to identify which platforms are best suited for your business before running a full campaign.
Get in touch today if you’d like to learn more about support your growth journey.

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