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Programmatic Ads Services

At Fitch Technologies, we provide customers access to a range of programmatic ad solutions to reach their target audience cost effectively; we are able to integrate DSP, DMP and SSP offerings across several  ad exchanges to offer the most cost-effective solutions to maximize conversion and return on ad spend.

Our Ecosystem cover Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Data Management Platform (DMP), Supply-Side Platform (SSP), and an ad exchange offering to give you a complete media solution for your brand.

Our Process






Platform Features

App Downloads & In-app action

Driver app download and in-app action with a targeted programmatic campaign across mobile first ad exchange generating 145B+ monthly ad requests from 3,000+ premium mobile publishers. objectives.

Ad Exchanges

Bid Confidently across exchanges tailored to your brands marketing goals. We work with the highest quality programmatic ad marketplace. We provide prioritized access to our demand partners via direct publisher relationships and innovative buying models.

DSP & SSP Partnerships & Integrations

Access over 180 DSP & SSP partnerships and over 30,000 app and display networks inventory globally with full transparency to know exactly where your ads are running and have full control over how your budget is invested.

Precision Targeting & Optimization

With the support of our analytics, the Programmatic digital ad tech solutions we offer provides advanced audience targeting methods help your campaign obtain the highest quality users across our global publisher network to drive engagement and customer acquisition for your brand.

Media Buying Strategy

Our media strategist will provide advisory on media buying strategies to ensure the right mix of mix platforms and ad inventory and engage for optimal return on your campaign. We explore programmatic deals across for main channels, open auctions, private exchanges, programmatic guaranteed deals, and preferred deals. Each of these programmatic deals offer their own unique benefits. Our team will guide on the best combination to achieve your campaign goals and business objectives.

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