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Today’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a holistic process that requires both offline and online marketing strategies to succeed. Given the current market situation, invest in SEO as a long-term strategy for lead generation and to ensure your business is not left behind.
Here are some latest trends that will help you rank better on search engines:  
High quality content: online ads still work for businesses and drives ROI but they’ll get even more expensive in the coming years and unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that customers will respond to your ads.That’s why high-quality content is essential for SEO. As Users now increasingly want content that is relevant, helpful and timely, that is why Google tends to reward high quality and relevant content with higher search engine rankings.Informative and quality articles are the only type of content that will grow a website’s popularity in 2020 and beyond. Users want educational content to be delivered in form of infographics, Video or an article.

Artificial Intelligence: AI is making life easy, drag and drop websites are trending. Platforms like Wix, Weebly, Xweb are being used in a wide variety of industries to create unique, personalized experiences for consumers.Companies such as Google use artificial intelligence to deliver better search results to its users. With machine learning Google understands what users are searching for. It has improved 54.6 % of difficult to understand queries.

Optimize websites for voice search: With the growing use of mobile devices, voice searches are becoming a popular trend among internet users. 
Voice searches affect SEO in a big way since it’s all about asking questions via voice instead of entering search queries. Subsequently, the terms have become more conversational and targeted.However, when using voice searches the search engine must do a lot more work to get the relevant information that the user is looking for at that moment, making short choppy keywords not so important anymore.Therefore, your content should adapt to this new trend to stand out in the current search engines.
Secured website: User safety is another trend that doesn’t seem to have much to do with SEO, but it is very important to the website user experience. If a user doesn’t feel safe visiting a web page then they’re very likely to leave quickly. As a result, high bounce rates could affect the position of that page in the organic search listing.It is important to enable HTTPS protocol for your site. Google wants to provide its users with a secure browsing experience, so those that implement HTTPS may experience a minor SEO boost.
Use videos to reach more people: Just as voice searches are becoming much more popular, videos on the internet are also exponentially on the rise. A quality video can attract many users if it is dynamic and doesn’t put viewers to sleep. But how does this affect SEO?
To reach more people with your videos you need to optimize it for search users. To do this, use appropriate keywords in the description and headline of your video which will guarantee that the video reaches the largest number of people who are interested in that subject. Fitch Technologies is a leading web design company in Dubai. Get in touch today to learn how we can implement artificial intelligence to personalize your website and improve conversion.

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