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How To Use Digital Marketing Technologies To Generate Leads And Close More Deals at Cityscape Global Dubai

How To Use Digital Marketing Technologies To Generate Leads And Close More Deals at Cityscape Global Dubai

Thousands of home buyers, investors, developers, and real estate agencies will be participating at the Cityscape Global exhibition in Dubai. As a real estate agency, how do you leverage digital marketing technologies to make the best out of your participation not only during the exhibition but after the exhibition?

In this article, we explore 5 steps you should follow to deploy digital marketing strategies and tools that will help you harness the data from the exhibition to maximize your brand’s exposure, generate leads, and close deals during and after the exhibition. The step process is summarized in the process flow below.

Let’s dig into each of these steps and get you ready to maximize ROI from your participation at Cityscape Global Dubai.

Digital Marketing Technologies To Generate Leads

1. Preparing for the Exhibition:

As you prepare for Cityscape Global, it is very important to leverage online channels to drive up the interest and participation of prospective buyers and investors at your stand during the exhibition. Follow these steps to optimize engagement and lead generation pre-event, during the event, and post-event;

  • Creating Pre-event awareness: in the weeks and days leading up to the exhibition, create awareness by posting content across your social media channels to showcase your offering at the exhibition. You can consider including signup forms and offering incentives for prospects to register their interest early. To drive engagement, you can run quizzes or contests on social media with prizes to be redeemed at your stand during the exhibition. This creates brand awareness and encourages people to visit your stand at the exhibition.
  • Event Digital Marketing: running targeted search and display campaigns across search and social media platforms is a good way to reach the exhibition traffic with tailored messaging specific to your offering and brand. This will drive brand awareness, traffic to your stand, and post-event brand recall. Since these campaigns target prospects that have shown interest in and are participating in the exhibition, your conversion rate and ROI from the ads will be higher.
  • Post-event Engagement: it is crucial to reconnect with your audience after the event with highlights from the event and a reminder of your offering. Including an option for a time-bound offer could be a good way to drive CTA to ensure the leads do not run cold post-event. This will help in developing a memorable connection with your audience
Social Media Strategy

2. Optimizing your Stand with Technology:

To enhance visitor experience and engagement at your stand, you should deploy an omnichannel strategy that ensures the visitors not only have a physical interaction at your stand but extends that experience by interacting digitally with your brand at the exhibition.

This will be very important later as you segment and qualify the leads you generated from the exhibitions. Having a digital sign-up form at the stand that can be accessed via a tablet or a QR code that visitors can scan at the stand to register their interest in your property offering is a good way to ensure you capture full information of the visitors and their interest. You can include promotional offers to drive CTA like discounts or additional value-added offerings for sign-up at the event venue.

Other useful technological tools for optimizing brand engagement at your exhibition stand include;

  • AR and VR: Augmented reality and Virtual reality adoption and utilization have seen a massive uptake across different sectors, especially in the real estate sector where these technologies can be used to create virtual tours and experiences that can give visitors a more wholesome experience of the projects in your portfolio.

This is very good for engagement and can drive substantial traffic to your stand while enhancing the conversion rate for your offering as visitors have a richer experience of your offering which would shape their decision on investing.

Tools like Unity, Google 360 media,, etc. can be used to create a customized AR/VR experience for your brand at the exhibition. These technologies can also be integrated into your website or mobile app to provide an extended experience beyond the exhibition.

  • Triggered Technologies: Triggered technologies can attract customers to your booth and generate buzz about your brand. Sensors built inside your stand are used to initiate an action. A sensor is activated by movement, such as a customer passing through a specific spot on your display. For example, a promotional offer can be triggered when a visitor is within a specified proximity to your stand or within the perimeter of your stand.

This is a very useful technology for driving engagement and CTA. They can be deployed to start a video, switch on a light show, play music, etc. This promotes engagement with your booth and encourages visitor interaction.

  • Projection-Mapping: Projection mapping, a type of spatial reality, projects a 3D visual image onto a 3D surface. During a real estate exhibition, it can be very useful for creating a rich visual expression on the projects you have on display at your stand. It helps attract visitors to your stand and offers them the opportunity to experience your offering in a simulated environment that mimics the real project. Some of the widely used projection mapping tools include Madmapper, HeavyM, Resolume and Mapping Matter.

3. Data Collection and Management:

With all the data you will be collecting across different channels from social media to search campaigns and data collected from the exhibition, it is very important to set up a seamless data flow and management system using any of the CRM and marketing platforms available today. The system should be automated as much as possible to ease management and utilization of the data for email communications and marketing campaigns.

Most of these marketing platforms have audience segmentation tools that you can use to categorize the audience based on triggers like the source of leads, country, gender, nationality, profession, etc. This ensures audience members are clearly defined and you can send tailored content specific to the profile of each contact.

This is very helpful for optimizing conversion from your engagement. People are more like to respond to content specific to their interests. For example, if a prospect expressed interest in a property within a particular budget range, sending them content with a shortlist of properties within that budget range is more likely to elicit a response than sending them general content with all the property offerings in your portfolio. Some CRM and marketing platforms with good user experience and comprehensive tools for managing your customer data and running campaigns include

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Dynamic 365 Marketing
  • Pipedrive
  • Zoho CRM
  • Sugar CRM
  • Active Campaign

4. Landing Page and Website Optimization:

Most of the digital campaigns you will be running should ideally lead to your website or landing page. It is very important to put some consideration into copywriting for the landing page. It is preferable to have a dedicated landing page related to the exhibition and the offers you have available during the exhibition.

With this approach, prospects can easily connect to the content and find the information they are looking for in relation to your offering.  A clear CTA should be included on the landing page to guide visitors to act. You can include an incentive like offers that are valid for signup during the duration of the exhibition. This will help maximize conversion during the exhibition. You can create landing pages on your existing website, or you can create a landing page with a dedicated domain name specific to your offering for the exhibition. Some tools to quickly create landing pages are

  • Unbounce
  • HubSpot
  • Clickfunnel
  • Leadpages
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit

5. Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are very effective when the right message is sent to a specific audience at the right time with content tailored to their interests or needs.  It is a low-cost and effective strategy for driving brand awareness and generating leads.

After feeding the data collected from the steps above into your CRM, you can link them to an email campaign where specific offerings from your real estate agency are sent to the exhibition attendees who have shown interest in your agency either via engagement on online campaigns or those that visited your stand during the exhibition.

It is very important not to limit the email campaign content only to promotional offers for the properties in your portfolio.  You should curate educational content that will keep your audience informed on the real estate market in Dubai and across the region. Some content ideas to consider for the email campaigns include

  • Guide on property investment in the region
  • Trends across different communities in Dubai and across the UAE
  • Financing options for property purchase in Dubai and across UAE
  • Property management tips
  • Maximizing ROI from property investment

Sharing such educational and informational content via email campaigns not only establishes your expertise in the real estate sector, but also projects your agency as a reputable go-to agency for professional advice on all things real estate.

Implementing these steps will help your real estate agency maximize ROI from your participation at Cityscape Global and will help you generate more leads and close more deals.

Do you need help with implementing any of the digital strategies we discussed in this article? Get in touch with us today at [email protected]

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