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How to increase brand visibility online

How to increase brand visibility online

As part of a company’s digital marketing strategy, increasing a brand’s visibility online is key. How much your brand is visible online is imperative to how much your audiences will remember and recognize the brand. This is directly proportional to how familiar they will be with your products, logo, messaging, and even buying from you or referring people to you. Companies strive to increase their brand’s awareness to generate more revenue and improve their reputation worldwide. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai have helped local businesses increase their brand awareness through social media and search networks. Here’s how you can achieve similar results for your brand? 

List of How to increase brand visibility online ?

  1. Do guest blogging
  2. Work on shareable content and infographics
  3. Begin a YouTube or Tik Tok show for the brand
  4. Use paid Facebook ads
  5. Work on a referral program
  6. Optimize the brand’s social media presence
  7. Have a unique tone and voice for your brand
  8. Embrace co-marketing
  9. Avail exclusive offers
  10. Work on podcasts
  1. Do Guest Blogging.

When a brand blogs for itself, it builds its own audience. However, there is only so much traction a brand can gain through this. By including blogs for other brands, especially the popular ones, the host brand equally increases its awareness. To guest blog in other publications, a brand manager anywhere should follow these steps;

  • Research for successful companies within your industry.
  • List guest sites that are a good fit for your site.
  • Develop ideas that are insightful and have not been covered by the host site.
  • Follow the submission guidelines and email the chosen site.
  • Guest blog the sites that grant your brand the permission.
  1. Work On Shareable Content And Infographics

If you want to know how powerful social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be when it comes to increasing a brand’s awareness, try creating shareable infographics and see how it works wonders. Infographics attract shares across Facebook and Instagram because they are fun to read, are visually compelling, and easy to consume, making them great at creating brand awareness.

  1. Begin A YouTube Or Tik Tok Show For The Brand.

With very high digital media adoption, UAE has millions of people watching videos of choice on YouTube and more recently Tik Tok. YouTube is the platform of choice for watching any type of video you love. Why not take advantage of this and create a show for the brand to upload content consistently about the brand? Such updates can prove helpful when it comes to social media marketing in Dubai. Make your content as interesting and fun as possible, especially if you are working on boring content.

  1. Use Paid Facebook Ads

Some brands use organic ads to promote a brand. While this may work, it proves complicated in the long run. The other alternative that can help businesses in Dubai increase their brand visibility online is running paid Facebook ads. The bottom line is not using the ads to sell the product. Instead, use the paid ads to promote highly relevant contests, content, or the brand’s social media channels. The main aim is to let your online audience recognize the product, remember it, understand how it works. Selling comes later when they are familiar with the product.

  1. Work On A Referral Program

Referral programs have proven effective at promoting a brand’s online visibility. This is because it’s a more credible source from people we trust- family and friends. Like one US company called Alala that has benefited from referrals, companies in Dubai can adopt this too. For instance, a company can offer a 20% off per purchase for a client who refers to someone to the brand who also gets a certain discount. This way, more and more clients hear and recognize the brand.

  1. Optimize The Brand’s Social Media Presence.

You will only hold your audience and entertain them when your content is high quality and worth sharing. People want something that really adds value to their lives. A well-developed organic social media content does just that.

  1. Have A Unique Tone And Voice For Your Brand.

Have you ever noticed how people (including you) remember something that stood out for one reason or another? The same goes for your brand as well, especially if it has a unique, emotional, sentimental, funny, or any tone (voice) that stands out. Either way, ensure that the voice is true to your brand and the target audience.

  1. Embrace Co-Marketing.

Many companies are now flourishing, thanks to the power of partnering with other brands, especially those that have excelled and are miles ahead. As part of social media marketing, a brand can consider using successful influencers with substantial following for increasing their brand awareness. These individuals are already successful, and the online audience recognizes them. If they market a product, the brand gets the audience’s attention.

  1. Avail Exclusive Offers

To promote your product, sometimes you will need to do a little bit of enticement for the audience. While it may sound unconventional, many customers will appreciate the offers and take advantage of them. The offers can even come in the form of incentives, where meeting a particular purchasing criterion gives you access to another additive.

  1. Work On Podcasts

As already mentioned, we tend to remember and opt for things that add value to our lives. Podcasts can do this if you get creative with them. Instead of simply talking about your industry and describing your company, why not interview people in the industry who have real-life success experiences? For instance, if you deal in fitness products, have a talk with athletes who have used fitness products to gain visible advantages. This draws more attention to your brand.


With so many companies in Dubai and worldwide dealing in a similar product, a brand must increase its online visibility to gain the audience’s attention and sell in the long run. This article has shown that brand awareness is a basic need for a brand and not a one-and-done thing. A company can use various online platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others to promote a brand. Staying consistent and offering exclusive offers also make the brand visible.

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