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Go Digital or Watch your Business Die

Go Digital or Watch your Business Die

Digital Transformation has become an essential survival tool for businesses. Learn how you can fast track your business growth with digital solutions

The Digital Transformation TrendNo two companies going through digitally transformed need to look the same. Digital transformation will mean different things to different companies. According to a research note published on Garter in 2018, 66% CIOs said that they are working on the digital transformation of their businesses/companies.
Learn from The Market Leaders
BMW profited from digitization by introducing ‘drive-now’ to promote sustainable mobility. L’oreal dug into mobile app development to introduce various applications for better engagement and content marketing with customers. Target ensured timely digital presence, boosted its share price by increased web presence and online sales – within 8 years, their stocks rose from a low of €55 to a high of €280 with an increase in revenue by 6 billion dollars.
These are only a few examples of the market giants who made big bucks and gained customer’s trust and engagement through investing in and making good use of digitalization.
Digitize or Die
Kodak – once a well-known brand, now no longer exists, because the company lost relevancy in this competitive era of digitalization. There are numerous examples of companies that can be on anyone’s fingertips that went obsolete. Nokia, the pioneer in cellular networking, lost its market because of the fear to upgrade and extend into the digital market. Yahoo, a search giant in 2004, failed to realize the importance of big data and search in the future, and subsequently lost business to its competitors.
These are only a few companies that can serve as an example of becoming stagnant and stale. Bottom line?
Digitalization and staying relevant in the market have become extremely crucial and important.
Reap All Benefits of Digitalization 
The era of print media has ended for good – it has hurt the environment long enough. Cutting trees to be used as paper is a burden on the environment. Digitalization has introduced the concept of paper-free workplaces. Audit giants like EY are slowly incorporating a paper-free environment in all their offices across the world. Are you?
It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Creating a world that is eco-friendly as a cherry on the top of letting innovation and digitalization lead towards a better future.
Digital Market in the U.A.E
UAE is one of the most advanced and digital-friendly spaces in the Middle Eastern Region. With a population of 9.83 million, 9.73 million are internet users. That makes for a whopping 98.9 % active internet users. Among internet users, it has also been observed that mobile phones are more of a preferred device (54.5%) than laptops or desktops (44.00%) or Tablets (1.5%). This data is solid evidence towards the fact that companies should opt for digital transformation if they want to attract new customers and retain the old ones.
Digital marketing in the UAE is booming. Digital marketing in Dubai is a much-needed investment. In 2010-2011 around 30 % of the companies were investing 0-20 % and over 55% increased it to 20%- 50%. These statistics imply the need to include digital marketing to stay relevant in the market. Companies are readily relying on artificial intelligence, web development, and mobile app development to expand and digitize themselves.
If you’re a company willing to go digital in UAE, then you’ve landed just the right place. Fitch Technologies offers a variety of services ranging from expert web designers, artificial intelligence, and content marketing to customer engagement. Contact us now for the right digital marketing solutions for your business.

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