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Digital Marketing Strategies for Hospitals

The emergence of various digital platforms has availed doctors in the UAE opportunities to showcase their capabilities beyond their localities. Healthcare digital media marketing solutions can help many health practitioners reaching more patients in no time. Instead of attending to only one or two patients in an hour, different social media agencies have designed various mechanisms to converge many patients at one point for mutual benefits. So, the question is;

How can a digital marketing company promote your hospital in UAE?

Digital marketing has achieved its popularity since most people spend most of their time on the internet to get quick information. With the restrictions in social gatherings and emphasis on stay-at-home policies to help curb the pandemic, hospitals have experienced limited visitors. This has led to both public and private hospitals designing different means to reach their patients even at home, including utilizing the power of social media. Therefore, this article discusses some of the winning digital strategies that have been used by hospitals to promote their services.

  • Planning for Local Search Engine Optimization

An effective user experience and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work hand in hand. By implementing local SEO, a healthcare business can scale up its services and reach many patients within and beyond its locality. Some of the features that attract and retain a new audience on your website include responsive web designing, less load time, mobile and voice optimization, easy navigation, and high-quality content. By working on these few tricks, your healthcare business is guaranteed to acquire more customers in a short time.

A reputable digital marketing agency will outline the following statistics about the impact of SEO on your healthcare business;

  • Almost 77% of online users looking for health services use Google, Bings, YouTube, and other leading sites.
  • People looking for a therapist, optometrist, and nursing home are likely to make a call to a medical center.
  • Over 70% of those looking for health services don’t go past the first page of the search engine.


  • Working on Pay Per Click Advertising

Social media, Search engines, and other leading platforms implemented the Pay Per Click (PPC) service so that you can only pay when a lead clicks on your ad. For example, Google Ads offers text and image ads where text ads are those seen on the first page of the search engine and image ads are those that occasionally pop on the screen. The frequency of the ads appearing on the screen depends on the search history.

By checking on your PPC ads, your healthcare service website becomes more visible to the world and attracts more traffic. Moreover, the following statistics show the importance of monitoring your PPC ads and filtering what is working from what is not working;

  • The global healthcare industry spent about $36 billion on ads in 2020.
  • Over $10.1 billion was spent on PPC advertising by over 7 million healthcare services.
  • Healthcare providers get approximately $3 back on every $1.60 ad spend on Google.


The UAE healthcare sector can reach more people, including prospective patients through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, it needs to identify the major platforms with the largest population to reach its target. This is a good reason to work with the right digital agency to help you implement the right solution.

An example of a medical and healthcare digital marketing agency in UAE is Fitch Technologies LLC. This agency has a team of dedicated digital campaign managers with experience in the healthcare sector who use trending healthcare strategies to make solid business plans for new healthcare services. By utilizing such a team, you are sure to attract more audiences and automatically turning strangers into trusted clients.

  • Investing in Email Marketing

Another way to maintain a healthy relationship with your prospective patients is by personalizing your emails based on the age, location, interests, and health conditions of your patients. You should also create emails that sound friendly and enticing, sticking to the subject, and adding a call-to-action button.

Investing in email marketing can generate more traffic to your healthcare website. For instance, the following statistics show the importance of strategizing on email marketing;

  • Email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter in getting new leads.
  • Over 89% of digital health services said email is the main source of their success.

Final Words

It is undoubtedly true digital marketing has become a mainstream channel for the marketing of services offered by businesses across diverse sectors. To drive business growth, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are increasingly relying on professional digital marketing agencies to help them adapt to the generational changes and maximize potential engagement and sales from a strong digital presence. By mastering the above-mentioned strategies, any healthcare business in UAE can reach more people and scale its services.

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