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Corporate website design inspiration in 2021

Corporate website design inspiration in 2021

The globe had a heck of a year in 2020 with businesses pressured to change their modes of operation and customer handling. The UAE economy is not exempted, and most entrepreneurs are now switching to establish their businesses online. While website development has been on the rise since the start of 2021, most businesses want their corporate websites to stand out among the numerous competing sites. You can work with a competent web developer to integrate the following trending inspirations to create a one-of-a-kind website that will generate more traffic and engagement for your business.

Using More Comforting Color Palettes

Previously, most web developers used bold color palettes and gradient schemes to attract more visitors and turn them into prospective customers. It was believed that when a website uses bolder colors such as red and pink, more visitors would be captured and become emotionally responsive.

The case may not be the same in 2021, especially with the fear, panic, and anxiety resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic. People now want comforting colors that make them feel calm and secure. However, it does not mean that bright colors are no longer inspirational; it simply means people are now interested in the actual product and feel comforted with color palettes.

Blending Physical And Digital Imagery

Before the pandemic, most web development companies focused on photos and illustrations in creating websites. However, with the drastic changes in how people interact and conduct businesses online, the line between the physical and digital worlds has blurred. This means web creators should also blend the power of physical and digital imagery in their creations.

Photos were used to reflect the real-world scenes and show the actual products. On the other hand, illustrations depicted abstract concepts and explained technical products. However, you can mix physical photos and digital illustrations to attract more audiences to the site.

Creating More Efficient Shopping Experiences

More people are now using online shops to make purchases following restricted movement and people being confined to their homes. Therefore, e-commerce websites should also adjust and create more pathways to convert website visitors into prospective customers. While online shoppers are looking for effective brands that will make them spend less time on their sites, it is upon the websites to minimize their visitors’ time by creating shopping shortcuts.

Working with a professional web design companyyou can create shortcuts like add-to-cart and design concise product page descriptions. Such shortcuts will see more e-commerce websites providing a quicker and positive shopping experience. If a visitor is interested in getting more information about the product, they can scroll down to the product descriptions. However, those who are confident about the product and the website will go directly to the add-to-cart option.

Including More User-Controlled Video Content

In the past, videos were used by most e-commerce marketers to advertise and sell their products. Hero background videos would be seen on websites while animated explainer videos were used to introduce complex ideas to customers. Today; people spend quality time on video platforms like Zoom to connect with distant friends, family, and coworkers since they are comfortable and safer than physical meetings. This signifies that videos are likely to come back in digital marketing.

The only difference is that there will be no auto-play background or embedded videos. Instead, visitors will choose when to play videos that appear on sales pages. Therefore, a web developer needs to include a play button on the page for the visitors to watch the video if they want. The play button should also stand out with a different color from the background content for people to recognize it easily and click to watch the testimonials.

Final Words

There are more inspirations that web developers should look for in 2021. Although tricks like minimalism and bold headline typography will never fade, there are various trends from the past years that need replacement as we emerge from the global disruption in 2020. To eliminate fear and anxiety and create a feeling of comfort and security, web designers should adopt the use of calm color palettes, user-controlled videos, and mixing physical photos with digital illustrations. Moreover, new website owners should work with reputable web design agencies to develop an attractive shopping site.

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