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Web Design

Invest in your website

Why You Should Invest in Your Website in 2023

Regardless of your industry and the type of product or service you offer, having a strong digital presence has become a must-have element for growing a business. There are several channels you can explore to engage with your customers online from social media to directories
Creating a cohesive brand identity through web design

Creating a cohesive brand identity through web design

If you’re like most business owners, you probably have a pretty good idea of what your company’s brand is all about. But even if you’ve done your best to communicate that message through content and messaging, it may still not be coming across as clearly
Website Design Brief For Your Web Designer

How To Quickly Write A Website Design Brief For Your Web Designer

Are you about to engage a web design agency to build your website? Oftentimes, business owners struggle to articulate what they would like their website to look like in terms of design, functionality and user experience. It becomes even more challenging for business owners who

Why Your Website Speed Matters. 9 Ways to Optimize your Page Speed

Search engines use web page speed as one of their signals when determining the rankings of websites in search results. The faster your website loads, the better it performs in search engine rankings. This means that slow loading times can negatively affect your site’s overall
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