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We can help to create a personalized experience for you and your customers.

Mobile App development cost can be an in issue here in UAE. With amazingly low prices, all businesses can now enjoy having their own App! Our mobile Apps are no longer just for big businesses, and have the same functionality and high quality, at a much lower cost.

PWA & Android Mobile Apps

Your customers with be able to download your App from Google Play Store, meaning they are accessible across Android and Google smart phones or via our progressive web apps (PWA) for your apple device.

Total Brand Support

Branding is a crucial aspect of any business and we really value it's importance; it's what makes your business so unique. We will make sure that your App is professionally designed to match your company brand.

Marketing Support

You won't be on your own! We'll provide you with all the help you need to make sure your App is a success, and will help guide you through the process of marketing an App to your customers, so that they can interact and enjoy your business a whole lot more. This is what makes us the best mobile app development company in Dubai.

Simple To Manage

The last thing you want is to have a stagnant or unmanageable App on your hands, and this is what can happen with complicated systems. Our app builder is designed with you in mind, so that you can update and manage the content on your App with complete ease.

Content Creation

With our Apps you can copy and paste web content, or create it from scratch, upload your images, embed Youtube videos and much more.

Over the Phone Support

You can speak to one of our support managers over the phone Monday to Friday 9am - 5pm.

Building apps to suit your business needs

Check out below some of our app main features.

About Us

Provide contact details, directions, social links and your opening hours from one easy to access tab.

Message Centre

Communicate directly with individual app users with your own secure chat centre and send attachments.

Special Offers

Drive sales and incentivize app downloads with redeemable coupons with set start and expiry dates.

Stamp Card

Customize your own stamp card and even create midpoint offers to keep your customers coming back.

Contact Forms

We can create custom forms for anything with features like photo upload, text and signature fields.

Food Ordering

Perfect for Takeaways and Restaurants. Offer food ordering services from your own branded app.


Promote your services, product or portfolio and allow users to rate your photos.

Loyalty Points

Let customers earn points to redeem again rewards by checking into your business or scanning a QR code.

Content Pages

Add text, upload images, embed videos and create unlimited pages of content to create the best app designs in Dubai

Beautifully designed Bespoke Mobile App

We build apps for all types of businesses


Gyms & Fitness

Night Clubs


Hair Salons


Car Dealers

Diving Instructor

Estate Agents




Radio Stations



Beauty Salons

Coffee Shops



Golf Courses

Customer Management

Respond directly to private chat messages and provide an easy way for customers to stay connected with your business 24/7.

App Analytics

Measure your app's success with our built-in analytics tool to track app downloads by device and country or view how many active users you have. You can even connect to Google Analytics for more advanced insights and reporting functionality.

Push Notifications

Push is the most effective way to communicate with your customers. Send messages directly to your customer’s phone screen and promote exclusive offers and sales, events, company updates or news.

What can our mobile Apps do?

With Fitch Technologies it’s all about creating an App experience that directly relates to your business and its unique situation. You want to make sure that your App provides your customers with everything that they are looking for, and at the same time, build a strong and enjoyable platform for customer engagement. Our App developers in Dubai can help you achieve this.

Whether you are a pub, restaurant, retailer or information centre, whatever your business, our Apps contain tools and integrated tabs which will aid your business objectives and values.

User Interaction

Customers like to have a personal and interactive experience with a business, as it makes them feel important, supported and almost a part of it. A business that can connect with customers on a more personal level is seen as more trustworthy and reliable, and therefore can result in improved customer retention. The more you engage with your customers, the more they remember you.


Whether it’s image and video led media, or social media, the digital age that we live in thrives off being able to view, hear and share content with our fiends and family. The benefit for business, is that it opens new doors of media based marketing and with our Apps you can really take advantage of this ever growing marketing sector.

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