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10 Creative ways to increase online sales

10 Creative ways to increase online sales in 2021

A business’s online success depends upon the architecture that goes into the planning, creation, ergonomics, and maintenance of websites (sales pages), which doubles up as the first meeting point between brands and prospects. Running digital ads is an easy option, but crafting key aspects like navigation, user interface, graphic design, web layout, and search engine optimization can boost a business’s online conversions.

With every passing day, statistics point to a fervent growth in the use of the internet, social media, and e-commerce. And according to the recent Hootsuite report on the UAE digital media statistics 2021, the UAE leads the world on the internet penetration charts with 99%, with Denmark coming second at 98% penetration. The question arises; how can your business channel this into profits? Here, we explore 10 creative ways to increase online sales in 2021. Read on to find out.

List of Top 10 Creative Ways To Increase Online Sales

  • Optimize Landing Pages
  • Use Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Apply Geo-Location Data
  • Clearly State Your Product Benefits on Your Landing Pages
  • Use Colors and Imagery to Enhance Landing Page Clarity
  • Use Actionable Call to Action Buttons
  • Create Engaging Content on Your Website Homepage
  • Use Checkout Bumps on Sales Pages
  • The Bottom Line
  • Optimize Landing Pages

How important is a landing page? When it comes to boosting sales, company marketing execs use advertising as a go-to option. But you probably know how expensive advertising is. Digital marketing companies get paid millions of dollars annually to run ads, but after all, is said and done, what happens to the leads generated through ads? How you craft your landing page can make or break value to your sales.

Affiliate marketers emphasize driving traffic to company website homepages, but success is defined by how many on the subscriber list will convert into actual sales, otherwise the rest would be wasted traffic. That’s why optimizing landing pages using the best practices (listed below) can boost online conversions:

  • Use easy-to-read text
  • Minimize footer navigation options on landing pages
  • Use the most objective CTA button on your navigation bar
  • Use Search Engine Marketing

This involves the broad spectrum of paying premiums to have your website’s homepage show up more in search results for specific keywords on search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. This service is mostly accessed through digital marketing agencies, and the strategy has become mainstream as competition has grown substantially in the digital space. Basically, if you do not run search and display campaigns on search engines, you are leaving a chunk of business to your competition.

  • Social Media Advertising

A recent report on social media marketing in Dubai showed that the UAE is experiencing a surge in social media users aged between 16 to 65 years who spent three hours browsing on average daily. Further, an estimated 10 million UAE citizens have a social media presence. The beauty of running ads on social media is the versatility and the uniqueness in the interactions. Meaning, you can tailor your brand and niche content to suit your target audience.

  • Apply Geo-Location Data

The use of location-adaptive/geo-targeting software has seen digital marketing agencies identify and geotarget audiences to boost affiliate sales. Fly Emirates, for instance, uses location-adaptive software to identify travelers say, in Dubai, and then proceed to show them all the available flights destined to locations outside the country say, to Europe and the U.S. This hack has been shown to increase online sales by 27% by:

  • Offering products and services based on a customer’s geographical location.
  • Use of audience language in their respective location.
  • Clearly State Your Product Benefits On Your Landing Pages

When customers look up your website on the web, they are 95% of the time aware of what they are looking to achieve. Therefore, to add value to their course, state your offer in clear terms and make their adventure much simpler. Moreover, you can list your product features, in brief, to help solve their problem. A website that fulfills that is likely to please customers and lead to more sales.

  • Use Colors And Imagery To Enhance Landing Page Clarity

As already stated, your website’s landing page is the most important stage of your brand’s interaction with your sales prospects. This is why it is vital to improve its visual elements aside from textual information.

  • Use Actionable Call To Action Buttons

Put clear CTAs (Call-to-Action) on landing pages to minimize barriers to sales conversions. And besides icons, effective CTAs convert when labeled with precise, particular, and actionable verbs.

  • Create Engaging Content On Your Website Homepage

Your site visitors are likely to convert if you use site content that elicits emotion, and as well strives to offer answers as to what they are looking for. The use of personalized questions (as tested on leading e-commerce platforms) as opposed to directly proposing, has been shown to boost sales by 54%.

  • Use Checkout Bumps On Sales Pages

Checkout bumps are tools that help customers make further purchases while they are still on your sales pages. It is akin to going to amazon to make one purchase only to end up making three. It provides an effective way to boost sales on e-commerce platforms.

  • The Bottom Line

Digitization of the UAE economy has boundless space for growth, which has subsequently created more opportunities for online stores to take advantage of digital marketing opportunities to increase sales. Therefore, regardless of whether you carry out marketing campaign efforts through agencies, the alternative hacks discussed herein are cost-effective in boosting sales for your business.

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