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    Your digital growth partner. Connecting you with your customer base through web design, mobile app development, digital marketing and business support solutions.

  • People | Data | Technology

    Your digital growth partner. Connecting you with your customer base through web design, mobile app development, digital marketing and business support solutions.

  • People | Data | Technology

    Your digital growth partner. Connecting you with your customer base through web design, mobile app development, digital marketing and business support solutions.

  • People | Data | Technology

    Your digital growth partner. Connecting you with your customer base through web design, mobile app development, digital marketing and business support solutions.

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Creating success for businesses

Fitch Technologies is a Dubai-based web design and AdTech agency with a market focused design approach to help scale your business

We create responsive and mobile optimized websites to help power your business growth. Our approach looks beyond immediate business needs to frame your website design & digital marketing project as an ongoing extension of your Brand’s core promise.

Web Development

A.I. Web Designs are a new beginning in website functionality for business owners. Let's globalize the technology. Our websites site conversion is significantly higher than a regular responsive website, meaning more leads for you!

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Programmatic Ads

We provide customers access to a range of programmatic ad solutions to reach their target audience cost effectively. Our Ecosystem cover Demand-Side Platform (DSP), Data Management Platform (DMP), Supply-Side Platform (SSP), and an ad exchange offering to give you a complete media solution for your brand.

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Mobile Apps

We design, build and manage mobile experiences for B2C and B2B markets. We work with clients in a wide range of industries, from startups and local businesses to global household brands. Our Dubai-based mobile app development team will work closely with you to bring your idea to life. Get in touch today, let's talk ideas!

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Enterprise Software Solutions

Looking for a technology partner to provide support with a robust software architecture to help scale your business operations? With poor implementation and uncoordinated software silos, employees stress out and productivity is lost. Leverage our expertise in enterprise software development, legacy systems upgrade, consolidation of tech stacks, API integration to unleash productivity and growth for your organization

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Digital Marketing

Engage your audience and drive your business growth with Fitch technologies Digital Marketing Solutions. We use campaign tools on each social media platform to optimize audience targeting to ensure maximum return on ad spend across each social media platform.

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Business Support

Delegate Your Back-Office Tasks To Our Virtual Assistants And Give Yourself Time To Focus On Your Core Business.We Have Nimble Packages To Fit Different Budgets And Project Types Both On A Retained Basis And On Ad Hoc Basis On Temporary Projects.

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Business Growth Solutions.

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Tech Insights

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Frequently Asked Questions

Use customer data to build great and solid product experiences that convert.

The cost of a website varies with the type and features available on the website. Here are indicative prices for different types of websites:
1. Landing Page (1 page) - AED 2,500
2. Corporate website (5 - 10 pages) - AED 6,000 - AED 8,000
3. eCommerce website (up to 100 products) - AED 7,000 - AED 10,000
4. Large eCommerce website ( 200 - 1000) - AED 25,000 - AED 40,000
5. Large Corporate websites (30 - 100 pages) - AED 20,000 - 45,000
6. Online Marketplace - AED 28,000 - AED 60,000
7. Complex custom-built websites: AED 50,000 and above.

Some of the features that will help drive conversion on your website in Dubai include:
1. Ensuring your website is responsive and mobile optimised.
2. Using clear and legible fonts without clutter on the website.
3. Having a clear CTA (Call to Action) that is visible across the website.
4. Including content that directly addresses the needs of your target audience.
5. Making it each for customers to contact you by direct call on messaging buttons featured on your website.

The cost of a mobile app varies with the features and functionality and whether you are building an iOS, Android platform or cross-platform app. Here are indicatives rates for building an app in Dubai;
1. Basic Andriod app - from AED 25,000
2. Basic iOS app - from AED 30,000
3. Hybrid apps (works on both iOS and Android) - from AED 28,000
4. If you are looking to build a super app with cross-functional features and multiple API integrations, then you are looking at a budget of AED 100,000 and upwards.

Fitch Technologies is a Dubai based software house and AdTech agency with a Dubai based team on hand to take your project from idea to live project in record time.

if you are looking to build and launch and app in Dubai in Dubai, here are 5 important points you should consider;
1. Identify a unique problem to solve.
2. Identify a customer base big enough to justify investing in the app.
3. Consider a seamless UI/UX design for the app for ease of use by your future customers.
4. Spend some time crafting a marketing plan that will help you acquire customers.
5. Find an agency that can provide support not just with building the app but with maintenance and marketing of the app.

The cost of digital marketing varies depending on your industry, target market and offering. In general, the more competitive the keywords you want to target in your campaigns, the more expensive the campaign would be. Here are a few indicative costs across different marketing channels:
1. Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tik Tok) - from AED 2,000 per month.
2. Google Ads - from AED 3,500 per month
3. Email - from AED 600 per month
Keep in mind that in addition to this budget you will have to pay a monthly retainer to a marketing agency if you are not running the campaigns yourself. Most campaign platforms offer different bidding strategies like CPC (Cost per click), CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) which you can use to control your budget depending on your marketing objectives.

if you are running a digital marketing campaign in Dubai, it is very important to define your marketing objectives clearly before starting any campaign. Here are a few tips to help you maximize ROI on your campaign spend:

1. Target Audience: define a very narrow target audience.
2. Channel Strategy: identity the channels that are most used by your target audience and focus your campaign spend on those channels.
3. Content Strategy: ensure your ad copy speaks to the needs of your target audience and provides a concise solution to address their needs.
4. Landing page: ensure the messaging on your landing page is consistent with the ad copy and that you have a clear CTA.

A simple retail website could cost as low as AED 1,200 per year for maintenance. However, if you run a busy eCommerce website or other data-rich websites then maintenance costs could run over AED 10,000 per year to cover cloud hosting fees and regular functional and content updates that might be required for such websites.

This depends on the campaign's purpose. Most programmatic ads run on a CPM (Cost per 1000 impressions) or CPI (Cost per install) model (in the case of app campaigns) and are usually priced in these units.
CPM ranges from AED 8 - AED 30 depending on the channels and campaign type.
A CPI for an app campaign ranges from AED 6 - AED 10 per app install.

Yes. In addition to customizing and deploying off-the-shelf ERP solutions from established vendors, we also provide a solution for developing custom ERP solution tailored to the needs of a business.

We follow a standardized research method that helps us gather business information, analyse use cases and development a prototype that is suited for particular use cases for a business.

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